What are the benefits to having a temporary boiler?

There are many benefits to having a temporary boiler solution as opposed to having a new boiler installed. Temporary boilers offer a viable alternative when buying a new boiler isn’t feasible due to a variety of restraints or when your own boiler isn’t accessible. Here we will explore some of these reasons why you may need a hire boiler and the benefits of doing so:

Emergency outage or scheduled downtime:

When a boiler suffers a major failure it can be catastrophic for any business. If you have a care home or hotel and your boiler suddenly goes down, you need to ensure you can keep your guests warm and comfortable. Another example is, if you have a manufacturing factory which relies on using heating and water in the process, it’s integral to have a boiler functional in order to not lose out on running costs or fall behind on workload.

The boiler system is most often, always an essential component to a properties’ daily responsibilities. That’s why when a boiler has a failure or experiences downtime it is essential to have a solution ready. This may be scheduled downtime due to planned maintenance, or it could be a result of an unexpected breakdown. In both situations a temporary boiler solution could be a lifesaver; providing you with the means to meet your heating and hot water demands whilst the necessary work is carried out on your boiler.

All boilers require regular maintenance and all boilers are prone to unexpected problems arising. Having a solution on hand for these turbulent times can allow for things to still operate smoothly.

At CBH we provide temporary boiler solutions for emergency and arranged events. Our customer service helpline is available 24/7, ready to assist with any queries at any time. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have suffered an emergency outage or have a planned maintenance work and need a temporary solution.

small packaged boilers

Saves space:

Some properties and businesses can have a high demand for hot water and heating but simply don’t have the space for a large plant room to meet these requirements. This is where CBH’s packaged plant rooms come into play; fully equipped with the latest technology in the industry, whilst remaining completely weatherproof and mobile.

If your property has a demand that requires a boiler system which exceeds the internal space available, our packaged plant rooms are the answer to your problems. The temporary plant rooms are easily transported, installed and removed without causing disruption to the surrounding environment. The temporary boilers are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 60kW all the way up to 6mW and can be custom-built to suit your requirements.

Minimises inconvenience:

Everyone knows how inconvenient it can be when your boiler has a persistent problem and requires regular maintenance work. Even without an ongoing issue, boilers require servicing and maintenance checks at regular intervals to ensure they are operating efficiently and effectively. This is a headache for anyone and can be nothing but a pain when trying to organise maintenance appointments, let alone the financial commitments it involves. Having a temporary boiler solution aims to remove this stress and make life a little bit easier.

Included with all of our temporary boiler solutions is a free 24/7 repair and maintenance service. If you have any issues with our system, even if your boiler is making an unusual noise at 3am, give CBH a call. We will evaluate the situation over the phone, and have one of our emergency engineers attend the property to address the matter. Giving you the clarity to rest easy knowing that even if a problem does arise, CBH has your back and will be arriving shortly to tend to the concern.

boiler hire maintenance


Alternative and flexibility:

Buying a new boiler can be an unholy expense, especially if it is an unexpected cost due to a boiler breakdown. Sometimes, a boiler can break down requiring a replacement which can be a giant cost, even more so when not accounted for in your budget. Having a temporary boiler allows you to have an alternative option to keep your business and property operational.

In other circumstances you might need more flexibility in regards to your boiler usage. Quite often, many businesses only require a boiler for a scheduled amount of time or just for the winter months. No matter the reason behind this, a temporary boiler solution allows you to only pay for the time you need the boiler. This stops you having to pay out for any ongoing costs associated with having a permanent boiler solution installed at your property.

Every property is unique and has different requirements and different periods in which they actually need a boiler. That’s why at CBH we have a wide range of temporary boiler solutions to match any requirements you have, in order to provide you with the best solution available. If you have any questions in regard to which boiler is suitable for your property, call our professional customer service team who will make sure you get the right boiler, at the right time and at the right price!

Extra capacity:

Properties can have varying demands at different times of the year, sometimes this is seasonal or due to an event taking place. For example, a hotel may not have a high demand for hot water or heating in the winter months. This is because guests visiting can be seasonal due to people mainly going on vacation in the summer months rather than in the winter. Therefore, it may not be suitable for them to run a large boiler system throughout the winter when minimal output is required. Another great example is stadiums or other event venues, these properties will most likely have a low hot water and heating demand if an event isn’t currently ongoing. In these situations, it would be ideal to meet this high demand without having to manage a large boiler system in down periods.

To prevent accruing additional costs from running a large boiler when it is unnecessary, a temporary boiler solution can be used in busy periods to meet this high demand. The temporary boiler will then meet this demand when needed and the property can return to its original boiler system when demand drops again. Extra capacity can be essential at certain times, temporary boilers can provide this capacity without the need of having to maintain a larger boiler system in periods that are known to be less busy.

If you are still uncertain on your exact requirements just give CBH a call! We will help assess your current demand and output, to find out if a temporary boiler is the solution for you and if so which.