Why Choose A Steam Boiler

Steam boilers are often viewed as the leviathan of the boiler industry, coming with a size and output incomparable to other fuel types. Normally used within large commercial properties with a very large demand for heating and hot water such as power stations or breweries. They are also used by other commercial properties that have a unique requirement for superheated or saturated steam, companies involving a sterilisation process such as food processing or chemical processing plants regularly require these facilities.

Our Electric Steam Boilers

As the size and output of steam boilers can vary greatly so does the range of hire steam boilers we offer. The smallest is our temporary electric steam boilers starting at 36kW and reaching 100kW, these boilers are capable of producing between 45kg and 160kg of steam per hour (45-160kg/hr). These rental steam boilers are ideal for smaller commercial properties that still require a steam output for their daily operations, for example launderettes and textile manufacturers. Our electric steam boilers are capable of functioning at up to 10bar of gauge pressure and also boast zero emissions as they don’t need an external fuel source other than an electricity supply. All electric steam boilers available for hire will come skid mounted and therefore will need to be placed inside a property or under some form of weather protection. Blowdown vessels, scale inhibitors and chemical dosing pots are automatically equipped to all of our electric steam boilers and other additional components are available on request.

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Our Packaged / Containerised Steam Boilers

Next on the list is our packaged / containerised steam boiler plant rooms. If you need a completely self-contained plant room due to a lack of space or any other reason then this is the solution for you. The packaged steam boiler plant rooms are available in gas, oil or dual fuel systems for flexibility and can produce steam amounts of anywhere between 450- 9000kg/hr. Also functioning between 6bar and 17bar of gauge pressure depending on the model and output required at your property. As the output varies so vastly, so does the physical dimensions of the steam boiler plant rooms; the range we offer goes between 6 metre containers, 12 metre containers and 15 metre containers. They are often used on MoD sites and petrochemical plants as these commonly have a large amount of outdoor space, or indoor space with big shutter doors for easy access due to the space required. Our packaged plant rooms are bespoke and built to meet your specific requirements, giving us the ability to tailor and customise the room to your specific needs. Some of the components applicable to this customisation process are (but not limited to): blowdown vessels, water treatment facilities, distribution boards, hotwell tanks, pressure reduction equipment, remote monitoring equipment, bunded fuel tanks and steam hoses. Once you have called our 24/7 customer service helpline we will book an appointment for one of our qualified engineers to perform an assessment on your property. This way we can ensure all requirements are fulfilled with the best technology available whilst sticking to the guidelines of your budget.

Our Static Steam Boilers

Finally our biggest hire steam boiler; the static steam boiler solution. As the name suggests these boilers aren’t easily moved due to their size and therefore don’t arrive in their own self-contained plant room. As a result they’re most suited to long-term hire and will require some form of weather protection, reason being because they don’t have the same benefit of being self-contained like the packaged / containerised plant rooms. On delivery the static steam boilers will arrive in a trailer, then will be removed from the trailer and installed in the desired location on your property. The static steam boilers are capable of kicking out 7000-16000 kg/hr and operate between 10-17 bar of gauge pressure and are also available as dual-fuel burners and singularly as gas or oil burners. Similar to the packaged / containerised steam boilers, a wide range of additional components are available; the relevance of which will be discussed when our engineer performs an assessment of your property and demands.

Call our 24/7 customer service helpline to book in your appointment today or if you need assistance in regards to an emergency temporary boiler replacement. Boilers above 10,000kg/hr static and need weather protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flushing a steam boiler simply means to drain the existing water out of the system, then continuously run fresh water into the system. You then let the water drain out of the system and repeat the process until the water leaving the system is clear. This should remove any sediment or debris build up inside your steam boiler resulting from unclean water, corrosion and anything else that may have entered your system. Sometimes chemicals are added to the water such as sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate, these are standard cleaning agents to help break down and remove any stubborn material that has become stuck inside the boiler system. Flushing a steam boiler is normally done on average once a month in the winter when the boiler is used frequently and can be done up to once a week depending on the water quality used.

When it is winter and the boiler is used frequently we recommend flushing anywhere between once a month and once a week, depending on the quality of the water used and the age of your system. One way to judge how often you should perform a flush is to look at the water gauge (sometimes known as the water sight glass), if the water looks clear then do it once a month in winter. If the water looks murky, coloured or has any particles floating around you can see then you will most likely have to flush the system more often. In the summer we advise flushing the boiler once or twice throughout the whole season as the boiler isn’t in constant use. Again all these recommendations vary depending on the system you have installed, the quality of the water used and your properties demand for hot water and heating.

The ideal pressure of steam boilers can vary depending on the size and height of your build the boiler is supplying, the larger the building the greater the pressure. For residential properties 0.2 PSI to 0.5 PSI is thought to be the range for optimum pressure, for commercial properties the PSI can go from 1 PSI to 40PSI and above! An example of this variation would be a 20 storey high rise building requiring a 15 PSI pressure level and a 40 storey building requiring 30 PSI. Despite these variations 20 PSI is seen as the low end for a high rise building and 40 PSI would be the high end of this range. If you aren’t sure what the pressure should be for your boiler we recommend checking your user manual for your boiler model and if this isn’t available to contact a professional. An engineer may need to visit your property to inspect your system and assess the property to decide upon an ideal pressure for your steam boiler system. To book an appointment or for further queries please contact us on 0207 9989 005, our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and are always ready to help.

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