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We have a range of hire oil boilers available here at CBH covering all the top brands such as Worcester, Grant and Warmflow with outputs ranging from 12kW up to 70kW. Some of the models we currently have in stock are a variety of Worcester Greenstar Heatslave, Grant Vortex Blue, Grant Vortex pro and Warmflow Agentis. All of our rental oil boilers are available as internal and external options, with system or combi formats also. We offer varying sizes of oil storage tanks, ranging between 1000L capacity to 3500L capacity with the possibility to install multiple if required.

Why Choose An Oil Boiler?

Temporary oil boilers are the perfect solution for properties that aren’t currently connected to the national gas grid and are expecting planned down time, or are frequently in need of an emergency rental solution. They can also provide additional output for properties to meet temporary or seasonal peaks in demand when the current boiler system doesn’t provide a sufficient output. This is mostly applicable to properties not connected to the national gas grid , for example those who currently use solar pv or solar thermal as a renewable energy source. In the winter months this would not provide the amount of energy which is required, so an oil boiler would be an ideal answer to this problem. Oil boilers are also great for pop up events like markets and festivals as they allow for these events to have hot water and heating, which normally wouldn’t be possible without a large generator. They’re often chosen over other alternatives as despite oil being more expensive than natural gas, it burns at a higher temperature, therefore using less oil to heat the same amount of water than gas would and is still cheaper than electricity.

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Oil Supply

If you require a supplier for the oil itself, this is also something we can assist with as we have a selection of oils ready to deliver which cover all possible requirements your property may have. We can currently supply 28 second oil, 35 second oil, kleenburn kerosene and furnace fuel, so whether you want efficiency or environmental awareness we have you covered. Get in touch today on 0207 9989 005 for more information about our temporary oil boiler solutions or check out our oil supply page for details on all the types of oil we supply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas engineers could service an oil boiler but technically they don’t have the correct qualifications to do so. This is because gas appliances and gas engineers are regulated by the Gas Safe Register whereas oil boilers are regulated by OFTEC. OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association and is the regulatory body that provides accreditation to anyone qualified to work on oil fired products. The difference between the Gas Safe Register and OFTEC is that it isn’t a legal requirement to be apart of OFTEC in order to work on an oil boiler. On the other hand you have to have to be apart with the Gas Safe Register to work on gas appliances with the correct qualifications for that specific appliance.

The only legal requirement for an oil boiler is to have the installation certified by an OFTEC registered engineer to obtain your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. This means that even if the boiler isn’t installed by an OFTEC registered engineer, as long as it is inspected by one to ensure it is installed correctly and safely then you can gain your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. OFTEC do recommend to have any oil boiler serviced annually despite it not being a legal requirement like it is for gas appliances. The reason being is because there are still risks associated with oil boilers if they aren’t maintained to a level of safety e.g. carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and explosions.

There has been quite a misconception surrounding oil and gas boilers being banned in 2025. This isn’t exactly true as they aren’t going to be banned in entirety, they are simply passing a law that will ban any new build from installing a gas or oil boiler. What this means for properties that have an existing oil boiler is that they will be fine keeping the same boiler, and also properties that aren’t new builds can still have oil boilers installed. It is only gas and oil boilers this applies to; other types of boilers are allowed to be installed into new build homes after 2025 as long as they meet the carbon reduction targets set by the government.

On average the price of heating oil ranges between £1.00 and £1.10 per litre in comparison to LPG which ranges between £0.70 and £0.90 per litre. When looking at the price per kWh you can see that: on average oil is £0.05 per kWh, LPG on average is £0.07 per kWh, natural gas on average is £0.06 per kWh and electric is the most expensive at £0.25 per kWh on average. As detailed in these statistics even though LPG is cheaper per litre than oil, oil is in fact cheaper per kWh as it is the more efficient fuel and provides more energy from the fuel used. Please bear in mind that these are rough price estimates based on the prices at the time of writing this, oil prices will also vary depending on the type of oil used. Please see this page for the oil we have available.

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