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Our mobile packaged boilers are the easy fix all solution to any commercial heating and hot water needs. Whether it’s for a small office or a large hotel, we can custom build a packaged boiler solution to soar past your expectations and solve any issues you can think of. Concerned about the room or just have an awkward shaped space? Well don’t worry! We can build your boiler to fit your requirements no matter the shape or size. All of our packaged boiler solutions come fully mobile, fully equipped and ready to fire up with high quality components and parts such as dosing pots, pressurisation units, low loss headers, circulation pumps, expansion vessels and anything else you can think of! So get creative and if you get stuck for ideas, give our office a call to speak to one of our fully qualified experts who will find out what you actually need and take you through a step by step process to ensure you get the boiler that is a perfect fit for you and your business.

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For example this is our dual 100 kw gas packaged boiler solution mounted to a solid frame, ready to ship and install for a very happy client. Ideal for properties with 10+ bathrooms or others with a similar water demand, despite it’s size this packaged boiler is still completely mobile and easily installed on a temporary basis.

mobile packaged boiler hire

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Available in gas, electric and oil, all of our packaged boiler solutions come pre assembled and mounted onto a frame. All that needs to be done is to connect the system to its fuel source and pipes upon delivery then your packaged boiler solution will be ready to kick out the heat to match your demands. Any packaged boiler solution will be fully mobile to ensure your hire experience runs as smoothly as possible, allowing for a seamless installation and removal process.


We have a large range of electric packaged boiler solution suitable for an offices, workshops, suitable for large and small premises. Our team is very versatile and we have incredibly talented qualified engineers, ready to tackle any challenge and provide our clients with the best products available on the market at a more than reasonable price.

As you can see by this 30kw trolley boiler, no request is too big or too small. We aim to provide innovative solutions to any temporary boiler needs you may have so get in contact today with our incredible customer service experts for any questions you have in regards to our mobile packaged boiler solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our packaged boilers are available in pretty much any size you may require, if it’s possible within the realm of boilers then we can provide it. All of our packaged boiler solutions are custom designed and built with the highest quality parts available on the market; this gives us the freedom to create solutions that can provide any output desired. The packaged boiler solutions we currently have constructed and available for hire cover all outputs between 60kW up to 6mW.

The duration of time a packaged boiler solution can be rented for can depend on the type of property the solution is being installed at. As a rule of thumb for most properties, 5 years is the maximum time span a temporary boiler solution can be in place at a property for before being considered a permanent structure. For more information please read our article “How long can I have a temporary boiler?” or call us on 0207 9989 005 for further information on our packaged boiler solution service.

Our packaged boiler solutions are available in any fuel type possible. Due to all of our packaged boiler solutions being custom designed and built, we have the freedom to create bespoke solutions to meet any specification required and in any fuel type possible. We currently have gas and electric options available for hire and can quickly have other solutions built such as oil. If you are unsure whether we have the boiler solution you need just call our 24/7 customer service helpline on 0207 9989 005.

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