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Here at Commercial Boiler Hire, gas boiler hires are our bread and butter as this was how CBH’s engineers broke into the industry over 25 years ago. Over time our team have developed their expertise and capabilities, this alongside our persistent drive and passion has allowed us to become aficionados in all types of boiler rental. We still maintain a passion for working on gas boiler hire and pride ourselves on our long-standing and industry leading expertise. Due to our expansive knowledge and extensive experience we believe we are unrivalled by any competition in regards to boiler hire, especially in relation to temporary gas boilers.

What’s Available?

The boiler hire services we have available at CBH will arrive in either of two formats; the smaller boilers will arrive on a portable trolley, something we have aptly named our trolley boiler system. The larger boilers are installed into a self-contained portable packaged / containerised plant room with a digital controller for easy usage, which format solely depends on the size of the boiler required for your property and its intended use. Rental trolley boiler systems are ideal for properties in which the boiler will have to be transported to different locations on the property. A prime example of this is property development sites with multiple structures, as the boiler will often have to be moved to the different structures as and when they are needed. They are most commonly used for screed drying and to test underfloor heating systems as they can easily be transported to the building and placed near the underfloor heating manifolds. This removes unnecessary delays caused by waiting for screed to dry and waiting for the permanent boiler to be installed to run tests on the rest of the system.

Our packaged / containerised boiler solutions are perfect for short-term leased properties that may not provide hot water and heating solutions in the tenancy agreement. When this is the case the tenant may not need a permanent solution as they aren’t the owners of the property but still require the benefits provided by a high specification plant room. Another one of our most commonly seen applications for the packaged plant rooms is for properties that have a seasonal peak in the demand for their heating and hot water. This is mostly the case with hotels who don’t operate to full capacity in the winter months but are very busy when the summer arrives. Packaged boiler solutions enable the hotels to keep up with the increase in demand seen in busy periods, without having to maintain a larger boiler system when it isn’t necessary. They also allow for properties to keep their heating system functional once a boiler has broken down without having to commit to a new permanent installation. Often this is seen at properties with multiple boilers in use but one has malfunctioned leaving them unable to meet the demand in peak times.

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Bespoke Solutions Tailored For Your Property

All the hire boiler solutions offered by Commercial Boiler Hire are bespoke and customisable. This means they’re designed and built completely in-house at our warehouse in Littlehampton by our team of design specialists and qualified engineers.. Giving us the ability to provide you with a fully tailored experience as we will design your boiler to your bespoke specification, with our multitude of advanced components and technology readily available. Some of these parts include (but aren’t limited to) low loss headers, expansion vessels, circulation pumps, heat exchangers, dosing pots, pressurisation units and magnetic filters. Boilers can be very costly but with this many options available we can ensure that every single requirement you have is fulfilled and stays within your designated budget.

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Regardless of the boiler’s size, specification or format, we provide a service level agreement (SLA) to cover any maintenance or repairs due to faulty components. The SLA is established to remove stress and responsibility on your behalf by eradicating the majority of ongoing costs associated with boilers, giving you the confidence that your boiler will remain operational all the time without a hefty bill of repairs.

Has all this technical speak and industry jargon left you confused? Feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service helpline so we can discuss the needs of your property. An engineer visit will then be booked so they can pay you a visit and conduct a full scale assessment, making sure you get the perfect match for your temporary boiler hire solution. Are you looking for an electric boiler hire? If so please follow the link to review our electric boiler hire services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Monoxide often called CO (not to be confused with CO2) is one of the hardest types of leaks to discover due to it being odourless and colourless, giving it the nickname the silent killer. The most obvious sign you have a Carbon Monoxide leak is the effect it has on the people within the property. Many of the symptoms that are experienced are the same as that of the common cold or stress e.g. headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness and loss of consciousness. The main difference being that these symptoms will alleviate once you leave the property and come back when you enter again. Other physical signs of a Carbon Monoxide leak are if your gas appliances have an orange and floppy flame as opposed to the blue sharp flame they normally omit. Other physical signs may be yellow / brown staining rapidly appearing around a gas appliance where it wasn’t visible previously or excessive condensation in a room with gas appliances that didn’t occur previously.

As with any gas appliance there are always associated risks that come with it, these mainly come down to the quality of parts installed and the quality of the installation itself. Although it is possible for components to suffer from wear over time, which is why an annual gas safety check is always essential. One of the main risks of a gas boiler system are Carbon Monoxide leaks, these result from damaged or faulty or blocked pipes, valves and flues. The other main risk of having a gas boiler installation is the possible danger of a fire or an explosion. Fire or explosions occur for 2 main reasons; either a build up of fumes or fuel in the combustion chamber, or because your system has a pressure too high for your boiler to handle. Another hazard posed by gas boilers that isn’t often mentioned is the possibility of electrocution. This can occur due to a faulty or badly installed ignition or if the lines aren’t bonded correctly (bonded is what is often referred to earthing in other industries). Despite these risks, if your gas boiler is installed correctly by a qualified professional using the correct parts and is serviced annually then these risks shouldn’t be a worry for you or your property. Get in touch today on 0207 9989 005 if you need to book your annual gas safety inspection today!

This is the question that has been fuelling the age-old debate of which is the best heating option since the dawn of electric boilers. To put it plainly, the truth is there isn’t one direct answer to this question as there are different benefits and pitfalls for each option. The price of gas is much cheaper than that of electric, as gas ranges from £0.04 to £0.08 per kWh whereas electric is £0.20 to £0.29 per kWH (so electricity is more than 3x the price of gas in some circumstances). Gas boilers are also known to have a much longer lifespan compared to electric boilers, gas boilers will often function for 20-30 years but electric boilers regularly need replacing after only 10 years. This is because the electrical components such as the fuses will often suffer wear and stop working after a certain amount of time whereas gas boilers don’t suffer from this issue. The other benefit of gas boilers is that there are a lot more options available on the market and they are easier to repair than electric boilers. The reason being is because electric boilers are fairly new to the market and electrical components are harder to replace or repair in comparison to gas equipment. Despite the benefits of gas boilers, electric boilers are often seen as much more energy efficient due to not requiring a fuel to be combusted to provide heating (which is clearly a growing concern in today’s environmentally conscious world). Another benefit related to an electric boiler’s absence of a combustible fuel is that there are less hazards associated with electric boilers. The reason being is because combustible fuel can lead to fires or explosions if not installed correctly or if the equipment isn’t maintained to the correct standards. Electric boilers are also known to be much quieter to operate and are more compact in size as opposed to gas boilers which are normally much larger. As you can see the decision of which is better, gas or electric boilers, relies solely on your requirements and values you prioritise in relation to your boiler system.

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