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At Commercial Boiler Hire all of our electric boiler solutions are fully mobile, self contained and easy to use. Our temporary electric boiler solutions are available on a portable trolley set-up or a packaged / containerised plant room format; this depends on the size, additional components your system requires and intended use of the boiler. All solutions available at CBH are bespoke, meaning they are custom designed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements. This gives us the freedom to implement a variety of industry leading technology and parts whilst producing solutions in any power output required. Our current systems available start from 4kW and can be scaled up to any desired specification; we achieve this by the implementation of professionally designed cascade systems using multiple boilers in unison.

Common applications of our electric boiler hire:

With no job too big or too small, a cascade boiler solution is ideal for commercial properties with a high demand for heating and hot water because sometimes a single boiler simply isn’t enough. Having one of our larger solutions allows your property to meet peak demands or acts as a reliable replacement for scheduled and emergency down time. The most common use for the smaller temporary electric boilers is for screed drying and underfloor heating, as they can easily be manoeuvred to underfloor heating manifolds to assist in the drying of screed and testing of underfloor heating. Smaller properties or sites also make great use of these boilers when they don’t have gas readily available.

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24/7 Customer Service:

Upon calling our 24/7 customer services helpline our trained representatives will book an appointment with one of our engineers to conduct an assessment of your property’s requirements. This ensures the right temporary boiler solution is picked for your property and establishes a service agreement tailor made to your property’s needs. When carrying out this assessment we will thoroughly investigate the demand of your property so the correct size boiler is delivered and installed.

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Our Product:

Together we will figure out whether your solution requires additional components such as:

  • low loss headers
  • expansion vessels
  • circulation pumps
  • heat exchangers
  • dosing pots
  • pressurisation units
  • magnetic filters and strainers

All of these parts are from industry leading manufacturers, with some parts designed and fabricated in-house by our design specialists and qualified engineers. Keeping manufacturing in-house where possible gives us the ability to create innovative and dynamic systems, whilst remaining ahead of the competition and adapting to any requirement you may have. If you are interested in a certain brand or model of electric boiler we have all major brands and models available from our warehouse such as, EHC, Heatrae Sadia, Elnur and Thermaflow to name just a few.

Get In Touch:

Debating whether a temporary electric boiler solution is right for you? Then give CBH a call today and we can help find the perfect fit for your property in regards to your temporary boiler solution needs. Alternatively, for more information on electric boilers download this PDF or visit our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether electric boilers are more environmentally friendly than other alternatives such as gas or oil is a heavily debated topic. The answer to this question isn’t as straightforward as you may think and it very much depends on how the electricity used is generated. If the property in question obtains or generates its own electricity from a renewable energy source (e.g. solar power, geothermal energy or hydropower), then it is most likely more sustainable and therefore better for the environment than gas or oil alternatives. This is because the gas and oil being burnt to create the energy for the boiler system isn’t from a renewable source, meaning that the amount available on earth is finite and will run out eventually. The fact that gas and oil have to be burnt to provide the energy needed also means they release greenhouse gases as a by-product, these gases are known to be damaging to the atmosphere and environment. If the electricity produced isn’t from a known renewable source the electricity will be created by an electromechanical generator that will be fuelled by the combustion of another material or nuclear fission. This method of producing electricity is just as harmful to the environment as the material combusted would also be a finite resource that releases greenhouse gases when burnt. When nuclear fission is used to create the electricity it creates harmful nuclear waste as a by-product and is extremely difficult to dispose of without harming the environment.

If you are solely considering the price per unit then gas is the cheapest option slowly followed by electricity. Prices can vary but electricity ranges between £0.20 to £0.29 per kWh and gas ranges between £0.04 to £0.08 per kWh, so at face value gas appears much cheaper than electric. Another thing to consider when looking at the expense of each option is efficiency. Even if an energy source is much cheaper in regards to its price per unit, if the system is extremely inefficient then a lot of the energy produced will be wasted. Electricity in theory is said to be 100% efficient as any energy used is converted into heat, whether some of this heat then escapes is debatable and depends on your system. Gas is much less efficient and it is possible you can lose up to 50% of the heat produced as a result of the combustion process and other factors. On the other hand electric boilers are normally much cheaper to install as they require less pipework to be installed and are all round a less invasive process.

The cost of an electric boiler varies drastically depending on the brand, model, energy output and requirements for your property. In general electric boilers start from anywhere around £500 and go all the way up to £3000, although this cost can be even more as some commercial properties will require more than one boiler unit depending on their demand for hot water and heating. One electric boiler unit is normally enough for a domestic property, but if the property is large with a greater demand (e.g. a hotel) then they may use 4 boiler units or more in unison to create a larger system to meet the requirements of the property.

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