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At Commercial Boiler Hire we can easily supply your property with the highest quality heating oil to keep your fire burning consistently and efficiently. We can provide the oil on a one off basis or establish an on-going contract for a continuous supply (all on-going contracts have no exit clauses and can be cancelled at any time as long as there isn’t a shipment already being processed). The selection of heating oils we have available to purchase are:

  • Standard Kerosene- commonly known as 28 second oil, primarily used for domestic purposes. (all 28 second oil meets BS 2869 Grade C2 standards).
  • Premium Kerosene- a higher quality kerosene still primarily used for domestic purposes. It has many benefits in comparison to standard 28 second oil such as reduced carbon emissions, greater efficiency, longer shelf life and improved boiler health (all premium kerosene meets BS 2869 C1 standards).
  • Kleenburn Kerosene- similar to 28 second oil but with much lower carbon emissions and a slightly higher price tag. Perfect for companies with environmentally conscious ambitions.
  • Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)- commonly known as furnace fuel, this has been specifically developed for commercial use to provide a cheaper alternative to standard red diesel. It is known as a 35 second oil as is red diesel (all IHO meets BS 2869 A2 standards).
  • Red Diesel- another 35 second oil, this is the old school heating oil and isn’t commonly used as a heating oil unless used for other applications on the property also. Farms and other agricultural businesses normally use this as they also put it in their machinery such as tractors (all red diesel meets BS EN 2869 D class standards).
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For more information on our heating oil supply service feel free to contact us on 0207 9989 005, also don’t forget to check out our temporary oil boiler hire page for details on all the oil boilers we have available for hire.

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